Leadership Feedback Surveys

Do Others See You Like You Think They Do?

Leadership Feedback Surveys…Self-awareness is foundational to effective leadership. Knowing how you are perceived by those you work with can help you identify the most effective areas to focus your development energies on. enLumen Leadership Services is here to help with that.

Our online feedback tool uses about 70 customizable questions to find out how your superiors, peers, and subordinates view your leadership skills. network-1019765_640We work with you to identify any demographic criteria (e.g. department, gender, years of service) you want your feedback grouped by, and provide a sample email you can send to your selected participants with a link to the response survey.  When the responses come in, we compile reports of the statistical data and comments and review them with you to help you interpret the results.

Questions cover the following categories of leadership skills :

Level One:  Self-Management

  • Deep Character:  Commitment to Personal Integrity
  • Personal Growth:  Commitment to Personal and Professional Development
  • Disciplined and Innovative Work Style:  Commitment to Personal Focus and Productivity

 Level Two:  Managing the Organization

  • Culture Promotion: Commitment to Promoting a Healthy Environment that Respects People and Stays True to Stated Values
  • Staff Development: Commitment to Building an Environment of Learning and Growth
  • Business Management: Commitment to Getting Results from the Organization

Level Three:  Leading the Organization

  • Strategic Insight:  Ability to See What Others Often Miss
  • Strategic Influence:  Ability to Influence the Way Others Think
  • Strategic Planning & Execution:  Ability to Get Things Done Longer Term

360 Section

Reports include:

  • Top Ten Responses
  • Lowest Ten Responses
  • Biggest Difference between self-scores and others’ scores
  • Summary report by category with comments
  • Detail report of responses to each question by demographic category

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