Faith-Based Resources

At enLumen Leadership Services, we want to help you develop your leadership skills and organizational culture regardless of whether you share our Bible-based convictions.

But for those who do share our faith, we have additional resources to offer that build on our shared beliefs.

Day of Listening…

…listening to God,
…listening to Each Other

Ear-Crop When someone important wants to meet with us, we clear our calendars and make the time. Yet most of us struggle to make time for the most important relationship in our lives – our relationship with God.

Be still and know that I am God.

– Psalm 46:10

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Impact Summit 2016
impact Summit LogoSwitching ON Your Faith at Work
Hosted by FCCI

Panel Discussion:
Transitioning Our Legacy
– Engaging Cross-Generationally In The Workplace

Our panelists provided some additional thoughts to supplement the panel discussion. 

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